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Poker Night
Poker Game
Image by Mick Haupt

Join us every Tuesday at 6pm for Texas Hold 'Em poker. Free to play! Brought to you by Mad Poker!

Grab your friends for a night of dancing and drinks every weekend at The "Same Old New"Gemini

We'll bring in Portland's best musical acts for a great show! Check our calendar out!

The fun is non-stop at The Gemini, with pool games for you and your friends. Stop by and play on one of our four new pool tables today! Only $1 per game.

Innappropriate Bingo w/ Bob K

Ridiculousness begins between 6

and 7pm.  Cash Prizes on the line!


Save Your Spot

  • Sat, Feb 04
    Lake Oswego
    Brewers Grade Band (Trio) joined by Free Agent for an evening of Classic Rock, Country, and the likes... 8pm to 12:30am
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